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polyester Resin Plant

Polyester Resin Plant


  • 1). Resin: alkyd resin,epoxy resin,phenolic resin,acrylic resin,unsaturated polyster resin,polymer resin.....
  • 2). Glue/ Adhesive:
  • Hot melt glue/adhesive,white glue,silicon glue,PVC glue,PVA,PU glue....
  • 3). Others: Paint,pigment,other latex,emulsion and liquid glue and adhesive.

Advantage and specification:

  • 1.Material: a) kettle and cover: SUS 304 or SUS 316; b) jacket: SS304 or carton steel
  • 2.Heating way: Electric heating, oil heating, steam heating or firing heating. optional.
  • 3. Structure type: Outer coil heating reactor, Inner coil heating reactor, Jacket heating reactor.

Structure and Features:

Reactor consists of the reactor body, tank cover, jacket, agitator, transmission, shaft seal device and supporting.