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Bead Mill

Bead Mill

Bead Mills are designed for dispersion processing, where solid particles (pigments, fillers) are reduced in size and finely dispersed and wetted out in a liquid phase. Small ceramic, glass or metal beads are agitated inside the mill chamber to aid particle size reduction through impact and energy input. Post dispersion the mill base is pumped to the let down tank for completion.

ball mill
  • Easy to operate
  • Drives on 3hp to 10hp motor
  • Highly durable
  • Outstanding Features

    • This machine is made of mild steel or stainless steel as on requirement.
    • The drum of the ball mill is in a round cylindrical shape so that balls in side work to its best.
    • There are several small weighted iron or steel balls in it, which grinds or mix the product.
    • The drum of the ball mill rotates in a forward direction and so balls go up and down for perfect grinding or mixing.
    • ABF ball mill is used in costly ayurvedic medicines, unani medicines, paints, chemicals etc.
    • User friendly.
    • It drives on 3 hp to 10 hp motor.

Technical Specification of Bead Mill

ABF BM 50 50 LTR 3 HP
ABF BM 100 100 LTR 5 HP
ABF BM 150 150 LTR 7.5 HP
ABF BM200 200 LTR 10 HP
ABF BM 250 250 LTR 15 HP
ABF BM 500 500 LTR 30 HP
ABF BM 1000 1000 LTR 50 HP