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pvac adhesive production plant

PVAC Emulsion Resin Plant

1. The whole line for pvac glue making 1). Reactor: the mian machine for making the white glue. With heating and cooling function, ribbon and helical-square blades mixer. 2). Initiator tank: for pre-reaction of the liquid materials. And to add liquid raw materials accurately. 3). Emulsifying tank: the first step react for the raw materials, with mixer. 4). Diluting tank: to adjust the concentration of the glue. And for glue storage and discharging and filling. 5). Other auxiliary equipments: inverter, heating system, vacuum system, filters and filling machines.

Instruction of the reactor: 1). The chemical reacting equipment. 2). Widely used in making resins, adhesives, paints, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other chemical productions. 3). Mechanical seal. 4). Inverter for frequency control. 5). Jacketed type, outer-pipe type, outer-inner-pipe type. 6). Heated by oil, water, steam or electric. 7). Three-layers paddle style, made of stainless steel. 8). Consists of body, gears, mixing devices, heating devices, cooling devices, seal composition. 9). Equipped with distillation column, condenser, water separator, collecting cans, filters ect. 10). Supply complete production line, as well as productin technology! material:inner plate SS304/316,pipe SS304/316 ,outer jacket carbon steel agitator model:paddle agitator,anchor agitator,frame agitator.
Application: 1). Resin: Alkyd resin, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, acrylic resin, ABS resin... 2). Glue/ Adhesive: Hot melt glue/ adhesive, grafted/ neprene glue, white glue, silicone glue, all-purpose glue, PVC glue, PVA.. 3). Others: Paint, pigment, PVC, PVA, PVAC, PU, acrylic acid, and other latex, emulsion and liquid glue and adhesives. chemical reacto

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